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Russians redirect to the Crimea after the suspension of the air line to Egypt

7,500 Britons returned home from Sharm el-Sheikh from Friday to Monday. On Friday, November 6, the flights to the Egyptian resort were resumed , said PIK news agency. Approximately 20,000 Britons were having their vacation in the resort. Russians and Britons accounted...

The bodies of the trapped tourists were found. Letnitsa Municipality closes Krushuna waterfalls for visits

On Sunday, November 8, were found the bodies of the dead tourists who were trapped in a landslide on Friday near Krushuna waterfalls. The killed are a Bulgarian 45, and a Briton 57. The incident was reported by a freind of theirs who managed to escape and is currently...

Direct flights connect Sofia with Malta and Zagreb

Last week the low-cost carrier Wizz Air launched a new direct flight from Sofia Airport to Malta. The flights from Sofia are on Monday and Friday at 8.20 pm and the return flights from Malta are on Tuesday and Saturday at 12.50 am. As of July Croatia’s low-cost...

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