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home     Comments, analyses and prognoses     Tourism registers slowdown on a global scale in 2008
Tourism registers slowdown on a global scale in 2008
from 19.03.2009 17:37       Author - Tourist Media
The tourism sector has registered serious slowdown on a global scale in 2008, darikfinance.bg reported quoting Deloitte’s Report 2009 Industry Outlook: Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure.

The financial crisis has affected both vacation and business travel. Despite the slowdown, a number of tourism centers worldwide have managed to use the situation and to come out with a positive outcome.

Hotels in big European and Middle Eastern tourism centers registered highest profit per room.

Six cities head the chart of Deloitte’s top 20 revenue per available room (revPAR) rankings. The ranking takes into consideration factors like number of tourists, price per room and average annual income per room. The cities that head the chart are New York, Abu Dhabi, London, Dubai, Paris and Tel Aviv.

In the final quarter of 2008, numerous tourism regions registered industry slowdown and negative growth values. The situation is gravest in North America where the negative growth reached 1.6 percent.

През последната четвърт на миналата година много райони отчитат отрицателни стойности. Северна Америка е между най-засегнатите райони и спадът отчетен там е 1.6%.

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Tourism registers slowdown on a global scale in 2008 Photo: Violet Farah
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