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home     Other News     Russians redirect to the Crimea after the suspension of the air line to Egypt
Russians redirect to the Crimea after the suspension of the air line to Egypt
from 10.11.2015 11:40       Author - Tourist Media
7,500 Britons returned home from Sharm el-Sheikh from Friday to Monday. On Friday, November 6, the flights to the Egyptian resort were resumed , said PIK news agency.

Approximately 20,000 Britons were having their vacation in the resort. Russians and Britons accounted for 70% of tourist flow to Egypt. Russia has already managed to evacuate about 25,000 of its 80,000 tourists.

After the suspension of air links with Egypt many Russian tourists were deprived of the opportunity to spend the Christmas holidays in a warm country, writes RIA Novosti. Tourists can replace the sunbaths with spa in Crimea, said the Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the State Council of Crimea Alexey Chernyak.

Russians can come to Crimea for recreation and spa treatments, analogues of which are not found even in Egypt, commented Alexey Chernyak.

Russia cut air line to Egypt to clarify the causes of the plane crash in the Sinai, which killed 224 people. Head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov said earlier that the republic is preparing tour packages and accommodation at affordable prices that are not inferior in quality of holiday in Egypt and Turkey.

Chernyak said that Crimea in autumn and winter, of course, can not replace a trip to the Egyptian pyramids, sunbathing and diving, but the peninsula has something to surprise its visitors.

"In addition to the 262 large hotels and 40 indoor pools, we have 14 000 cultural, historical and natural attractions that we can offer potential tourists who failed to leave for Egypt or have changed their minds. Tourists can replace the rest on the beach with spa treatments in our spa complex  - something that Egypt could not offer them, "- said Chernyak.

He emphasized that the winter in Crimea is quite soft and tourists can diversify their vacation with suitable extreme sport or skiing in the Ai-Petri mountain.

"All of our wineries are ready to welcome tourists for wine tastings. Our SPA-hotels are quite diverse, we have something to offer in exchange for the beach in the winter. We will be happy to accept tourists and entertain them, the more - all our hotels are ready for the New Year's Eve, "- said the spokesman of the committee.

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Russians redirect to the Crimea after the suspension of the air line to Egypt
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