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Lufthansa pilots strike again
from 08.09.2015 12:44       Author - Tourist Media
Lufthansa pilots call a strike for the thirteenth time in the last 18 months, Reuters announces. The protests affect the long-haul passenger and cargo flights out of Germany from 7 am to 11 pm local time on 8th September. The strike will extend on 9th September targeting the short-haul Lufthansa and Germanwings flights.

The German pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit and the Lufthansa’s management argue again over pay and cost cuts, imposed by the competition of low-cost companies such as Ryanair.

The union has offered concessions, including increasing the average retirement age to 60 and looking at ways to bring costs down to a level comparable with easyJet, but according to its spokesman Lufthansa management doesn’t show any willingness to reach an agreement.

As a precondition for talks the pilots’ union wants Lufthansa to halt the process of employing staff on non-German contracts for the expansion of its budget Eurowings division, which has an Austrian operating license. In an interview with Reuters Lufthansa Chief Executive Carsten Spohr said over 1,000 pilots from within the group and outside had applied for jobs at Eurowings.

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Lufthansa pilots strike again Photo: Wikipedia
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