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home     Other News     Free in-room Wi-Fi is essential to travelers
Free in-room Wi-Fi is essential to travelers
from 02.09.2015 12:37       Author - Tourist Media
According to a survey, conducted by one of the world’s leading accommodation sites Agoda.com free in-room Wi-Fi is more important to travelers than breakfast, traveldailynews.com announced.

The survey, conducted in July 2015, asked over 5,000 Agoda.com customers from around the world which amenities they want in hotel rooms. The results show that 55% of the survey’s participants would rather free Wi-Fi than free breakfast. The latter got 45% of the vote.

We know both are important to our customers," says John Brown, Agoda.com's Chief Operating Officer. "Most hoteliers understand that, too, and the majority of the properties on Agoda.com offer room rates inclusive of Wi-Fi, breakfast or both," he added.

Travelers do have a clear preference when it comes to spacious beds, though. When asked whether they'd prefer a bigger bed or a bigger bathroom, 75% picked a bigger bed

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Free in-room Wi-Fi is essential to travelers Photo: Wikipedia
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